A Passing Crash of Little Consequence

It was just about eleven in the darkness of the car that the visions started. We had taken the wrong road and were cruising down the highway looking for a decent burger when the vision went white. “Jesus, save us,” I cried and slammed on the breaks angling for the guard rail.

We barreled off the side of the mountain through trees with fucking squirrels screaming as we blew through their family homes then came crashing down into a large shrub filled ditch with a little brook running through.

I stumbled out of the wreck and popped in the glass lens of my sunglasses which had popped out.

My passenger had taken a carrot he was munching through the neck and I presumed the worst for him as there was a lot of blood and he didn’t answer my inquiries.

By now the visions were sending my body into fits. I felt my pulse rate drop despite the adrenaline from the crash. I distinctly felt His presence behind me, approaching to comfort me. I knew if I turned around I would hit heaven.

I turned around blazed right through heaven and straight to hell. When I awoke the sun was out, my passenger was still dead, and I had bit my tongue badly so there was blood in my mouth and nose. I spat.

Fingering for a scrap of paper I tried to write down what I saw before the memory faded. He had touched me then, and words fell from my fingertips onto the pad.

Surrounded by trees, but in good health, I burdened myself with the walk back to the road.


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