The Book of Johnny


Over the next few weeks I’ll be putting together a novel from excerpts I’ve been scribbling in my notebook. The scribbles follow the story of a man named Johnny. The book ends with the death of a man, Johnny’s uncle, and begins with the romantic promise of a woman named Eleanor. The story is short and written in good humor.

The excerpts will be edited and posted on this blog not necessarily in their final order, but close to it. I will likely write new sections to fill in narrative gaps and edit out sections that don’t fit snugly in between the covers. The front book cover looks vaguely like this ^ one up here.

I hope you find The Book of Johnny some small amusement. I know I did when I wrote it. The editing isn’t much fun like the writing. Without too much more about nothing, I present the first part… tomorrow.

Coming soon,

The Book of Johnny I.


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