Strutland Station

I took the train to Strutland station
To buy some elation
Say Mr. Who you gonna know?
Say Mr. Who where you gonna go?
Well then it was busway up to Butler
Found some beetles for my fingers
I walked into the shop
And for an hour lingered
I noticed I was late
I caught the morning boat
An old man missed the fair
Ran his fingers through his hair
Hat crumpled in his hands
He struggled all the way
Met a girl began to chat
In the breeze she began to laugh
Her name was Nick
Her brother’s sick
I nodded off
And stared into the waves
She wanted my hat
So I gave her that
On the island got a shave
Passed the bank of old Sinclair
Wonder what goes on in there
Bought a brand new short sleeve shirt
For more than it was worth
All alone in the beachside glow
My song came on the radio